Need not have restarted

For anyone that remembers my past rantings about this game when I played it on Xbox One a year and a half ago and not being able to go back and collect any bits missed and having to restart once you miss something well today on the PlayStation 4 version I found out this is not the case and I probably restarted the game multiple times for absolutely no reason what so ever!!!!


A year ago!

Today it has been a year since I first purchased Life is Strange & while I’ve still not played through to the end yet I have to say that game has been amazing!

By some odd coincidence I decided to start playing the game again yesterday before realising that today would be a year to the day since I got the game (and therefore deciding to make a post in honour of that)

Even though I’ve never played it right to the end in that year (it’s one of those games where if you miss one tiny thing you can’t go back and collect it later so I’ve found myself missing vital parts and needing to restart a few times) it’s by far one of the best Xbox one games I’ve played & certainly in my top 3!

I identify with the main character Max a lot! She loves photography (me too), she doesn’t think she’s the best at it (yep over here), she’s a social outcast (uh huh me again), she writes a journal (I write blogs, but pretty much the same thing) and she observes the people and events that surround her and has thoughts inside her head about them without saying it out loud (you guessed it…me too!)