Trophy: Keener

I have just unlocked my first ever trophy in Canis Canem Edit for PlayStation 4

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Canis Canem Edit otherwise known as Bully

PlayStation 2 game Canis Canem Edit (A.K.A “Bully”) is on sale for £6 on PlayStation 4 as a remastered game complete with PlayStation Trophies, so I’ve just purchased it and now i’m waiting for it to download

Revisiting a childhood favourite!

Ah don’t you love nostalgic games that remind you of your childhood? Of course childhood is a stretch I was 17 when Canis Canem Edit (AKA Bully) originally released on the PS2 but since I was still a teenager it’s a valid statement!

Me & my brother Charlie adored this game back in 2006 for the PS2 though so it does remind me of those times, childhood or not!!

Today I’ve been playing the Xbox 360 version of it and it’s been an awesome nostalgic trip down memory lane!