Game ramblings: Horizon Zero Dawn (so far)

So as you may know by now I recently got myself a PS4 and it came with 3 free games, one of which was a new game called “Horizon Zero Dawn”

I’d never heard of this game before but I looked around a bit while waiting for the console to arrive and I’d read it was supposed to be the game of the year, at least so Amazon would have me believe, but I was still skeptical because it didn’t look like a game I would have chosen for myself, however I was willing to give it a fair shot.

Now bare in mind that my PS4 arrived Friday while I was at work so my first go at playing it was Saturday (it’s now Wednesday) and I haven’t been able to put it down! I’ve had a couple of attempts where I thought I’d try and play something else, but it hasn’t lasted long!

The graphics are stunning, the world you roam around in is beautiful, the story is amazing – I can’t put it down, which makes it hard to go to work believe me! 

And while I’m at work – I’m thinking about the game wether it’s wishing I was at home playing it or thinking about the latest happenings to Aloy or how hard it’s been to kill those evil pesky machines especially when they are on a rampage (not in the least bit helped now by corrupt machines that seem even more angry with Aloy than the regular ones)

I was wrong to be skeptical, on paper this isn’t my kind of game at all and I stand by the fact that I probably wouldn’t have picked it to buy for myself but i suppose that’s what’s good when you buy a console with free games, you sometimes get a game with it you know nothing about and wouldn’t expect to enjoy only to find it’s your new favourite game (at least for the time being) and you can’t put it down!


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