Some KH decisions to make

So when Kingdom Hearts 1 begins there are some important decisions to be made.

The first is to chose a power to keep and a power to discard.

To do this there are 3 items: a sword, a staff & a shield each of which represent a different power

Sword = warrior

Shield = guardian

Staff = mystic

Taking and giving up these powers decides on your starting stats so I decided to take the Staff (mystic) and give up the sword (warrior) as that would give me starting stats of 3 for each category 

The second decision comes in the form of 3 questions each with 3 different answers 

What are you so afraid of?

A: Getting old

B: Being different

C: Being indecisive

What do you want outta life?
D: To see rare sights

E: To broaden my horizons

F: To be strong

What’s most important to you?
G: Being number one

H: Friendship

I: My prize possessions

Choosing certain combinations to these questions decides what pace you level up in: fast, steady or slow.

I wanted a steady pace so I selected CEH as my combination of answers


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