Pokémon Go

In case you have been living under a rock this month there is this craze called Pokémon Go and it’s just officially been released here in the UK today (previously only available if you downloaded the US version of the game but that was too much of a faff for me!) 

I don’t know statistics on ages this game is appealing to but there are a lot of 17+ year old 90’s kids/teens out there chasing Pokémon (I just have to look at my Facebook feed for confirmation) 

I myself was only 9 when Pokémon first reached the UK in March 1999 so I remember the original craze well! 

I remember the time fondly, especially collecting cards and trading with the kids on our street or in school. Having folders full of plastic wallets holding your prized cards in order of preference (maybe that was just me?) 

Competitions with friends & enemies alike to collect the rare cards, the feeling you got when you got hold of your favourite Pokémon (mine was Pikachu) and that electric feeling when your little brother gives you his double of the rare Charizard card will stay with me for a lifetime (yes, yes I was a little nerd!!) 

I can’t mention the Pokémon craze without mentioning the games first for the original game boy and then Gameboy colour and I believe they still make them for various other Nintendo consoles to this day but my favourite was, is and always will be Pokémon Snap for the Nintendo 64 but of course there were other great gaming additions like Pokémon Stadium (N64), Hey, You, Pikachu (N64) and Super smash bros (N64 & GameCube) to name just a few.

Yes all this kept us 90’s kids entertained for hours and not just sat indoors staring at screens like you might imagine but outside battling and trading Pokémon cards at every opportunity too! So it’s no wonder 90’s kids have jumped at the chance to relive those glory days with this new latest craze “Pokémon go” is it? 

And yes yet again Nintendo & it’s Pokémon series has got us out the house but this time we are not trading shiny rare Charizard cards or battling with paper….this time we are throwing Pokéballs at Pokémon trying to capture rare, wild & exciting Pokémon like its 1999!!!

So with all that being said my game has just finished downloading so I’m about to go and catch me a very cute Charmander for my first Pokémon (because no one ever picks Bulbasaur right?) And When it’s a choice between Squirtle or Charmander the latter wins every time!!


4 thoughts on “Pokémon Go

    1. It’s different, I’ve only managed to capture 3 Pokémon so far and 2 of those are doubles (but that’s the plan because I want one of every Pokémon including the ones where you evolve them!) I’ve not been outside with it yet though as I’m not well so not had a chance to fully experience it.

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  1. I recently saw a video about this “game” on youtube, from linustechtips. They teach people how to cheat and trick the phone to find pokemons. That channel is about pc and computer reviews…i was surprised to see how many views it has in 1 day (about 1 milion). There are also some insights on how much money that company makes. You can search it.


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