Starting again 

Have you ever been playing a game and you become unhappy with the saved game you are playing? I do this a lot and it niggles at me until such a time that I decide I can’t take it anymore and HAVE to restart!!

I’ve felt this way about Forza Horizon 2 since around September 2015, ironically since I was buying all those duplicate cars in order to boost my garage to 300 cars so I got the rewards in Forza Motorsport 6!

It’s amazing that it’s taken me until March to start again but of course i’ve had FM6 keeping my entertained so i’ve had no reason to worry about Horizon 2 since then really, and on the great scheme of things I still really have no need for it as I am still enjoying FM6 just as much as I was in September but ya know how it is right? Sometime you just need a change!!

So I have decided to delete my current saved game of Horizon 2 in favour of starting over again, I’m either crazy or stupid……maybe a bit of both, but oh well! Here goes i’m deleting the file in 5……4……3……2……1



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