What truely makes Kingdom Hearts a winner!

The reason I fell in love with this game was the Disney aspect, it’s what drew me to it from the beginning, sure Sora & his friends without the Disney lot would be great but would I have found the game without Disney? Probably not!!

I’ve just reached a part of the game where Mickey (who happens to be king of Disney castle – of course!) has left the following letter to his dear old friend (and my Disney hero) Donald


Sorry to rush off without sayin’ goodbye, but there’s big trouble brewin’.

Not sure why, but the stars have been blinkin’ out, one by one. And that means disaster can’t be far behind. I hate to leave you all but I’ve gotta go check into it.

There’s someone with a “Key”—the Key to our survival. So I need you and Goofy to find him, and stick with him. Got it?

We need that key or we’re doomed! So go to Traverse Town and find Leon. He’ll point you in the right direction.

P.S. Would ya apologize to Minnie for me? Thanks, pal.

Signed – Mickey

Did I mention before now I live Donald? 


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