Achievement: Resolution Revolution 

Just unlocked my next achievement in Life is strange!

Title: Resolution Revolution 

Gamer points: 10
Date unlocked: 30th December 2015
Achievement description: take optional photograph #10 in episode 2: Out of time


Correcting mistakes

Ok so I was majorly annoyed with the game and myself lastnight and couldn’t go back to it…I wanted to since there was nothing worth while watching on TV but I’d have given in before I started if I had tried!

So I went back to life is strange today and played for another 8 hours and still managed to miss stuff #themostfrustratinggameever 

This time I’m hoping (and trust me when I say HOPING is the key word here as I haven’t had the bottle to look yet incase it’s not this easy) that I can replay the episode and just go back pick up the missing bits and all is ok with the world again….it won’t be that simple will it? 

Wish me luck…but for now, at least…..I need a break from that game! I love it….but as Chloe from the game would say “it’s hella frustrating” 

Found a new game to play

For the last hour I’ve been playing this new game I found, it’s called “life is strange” and actually it’s a 5 part episode series.

It’s about an 18 year old student called Maxine “Max” Caulfield who discovers she has this special power!

I actually really like Max, she’s like me in a lot of ways! She loves photography, she’s quiet, she wants people to like her, she observes people from afar, she thinks stuff in her head rather than says them out loud, she likes to keep journals, she’s caring, she’s often misunderstood due to her being so quiet…I mean hello….was someone following me around when they were researching Max? We could be twins…ya know if Max wasn’t a fictional character in a 5 part episodic game series! 

A new game for Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all you Gamers out there! Hope you got all the games you asked for this year and not sacks full of coal! 

I only asked for one game this year, and yes i did get it!!!

It’s called “brothers: a tale of two sons” and it’s for the Xbox one! I am installing it as I type this and hope to play it before the herd shows up for dinner!!

Merry Christmas 2015 everyone and happy gaming to all!