Project Spark without Spark is just a Project!

Turns out “Project Spark” actually has NO SPARK WHAT SO EVER!!!! 

I may have unlocked 5 achievements in this awful game today but I feel like I wasted time doing it! That’s time I’ll never get back again right? Oh well the silver lining is I unlocked 25 more gamer points that I wouldn’t have had right? 


I have joined the world of Forza

Today I joined the world of Forza racing!! Little late to the party I’m afraid and my entry into it began with Forza 4 for the Xbox 360!! Not exactly chronological order right? 

Loving it though, I played for hours, didn’t think I’d like it when I turned it on! But it’s surprisingly therapeutic, relaxing & addictive all at once….for a racing game!

Trophy: Ace Striker 

Just earned my first trophy in Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories as part of the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix set for the PlayStation 3!

Title: Ace Striker 

Date Achieved: 17th January 2015
Time Achieved: 13:15
Description: Hit an enemy with an object