Trophy: The Journey Begins

Just unlocked my very first trophy in Birth by sleep as part of the Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix set for the PlayStation 3!

Title: The Journey Begins
Trophy Rank: Bronze
Date Achieved: 27th December 2014
Time Achieved: 21:19
Description: Clear the prologue, “the land of departure”


Finally able to play this beauty!

Let it be known that today…Saturday 27th December 2014 is a great day!

Why? Because finally I get to play Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix, and I’m going to kick that off with Birth by Sleep.

Mum & Dave are out with friends for the night and I’ve been itching to play this since Christmas…so here I go!!!

Kingdom Hearts for Christmas 2014

If you don’t know by now that I love Kingdom Hearts….where have you been? 

I’ve been so psyched to get the 2.5 Megamix for Christmas (as you know all too well by now I’m sure based on the blog posts about it!)

Even though these are compilations of old Kingdom Hearts games gone past I honestly don’t care! Finally a chance to play some of them for the first time or finally time to finish some of them for the first time! Either way is a win win!! 

Another game from Pixelberry Studios

Pixelberry Studios who created High School Story have today released a new game called “Hollywood U” and I have downloaded it because I love High School Story! 

So far I’m loving it I won’t say too much at this stage I’m sure more can be said as I progress with the game!

Naturally my main character is a boy called Jamie! Can’t abide the thought of using my own name in a game and besides that was my main character in HSS too so nice to think he left high school and moved into Hollywood U!